Video Pipe Inspection performed by the Drain Chief
Video Inspection quickly shows drain issue in Maryland
Video Pipe Inspection

Drain Chief can solve your drainage issues by performing a video pipe inspection. Often we can provide the exact location of a problem. This can save you time and money should excavation be necessary.

Video pipe inspections are a precise, non-destructive way to identify and locate plumbing problems. It can also solve slow drainage. Our video system quickly finds blockages, cracks, obstructions, separations. These small blockages or cracks we find tend to lead to larger issues. Catching these issues early can save you from huge plumbing problems in the future. Inspections can also find any other internal problem in drainage systems.

A video pipe inspection is much faster and less intrusive than performing a typical excavation. After a video inspection, we will furnish recorded video footage and a written report for personal documentation. This lets you know if there is an immediate need for a repair or total replacement. It also lets you estimate how much time there may be left in the system’s life.

A customer or business can use this collected information and plan for the larger investment of a replacement if necessary. Check out Drain Chief’s YouTube page for more Drain Inspections performed in Harford and Baltimore Counties.