Drain Chief is certified by MDE (Maryland Department of the Environment) as a septic systems inspector.

Home Inspections

Real Estate agents and plumbers hire us to inspect septic systems throughout the state of Maryland while focusing on Harford and Baltimore Counties. Inspections give home buyers and business owners peace of mind when purchasing a new home or building. It can prevent and greatly reduce hidden costs related to failing onsite systems.

Other Septic Services

Drain Chief repairs and troubleshoots septic problems including BAT (best available technologies). We trouble shoot septic systems and perform drain field assessments. We also perform modifications to pipes, baffles, and check valves.

Drain Chief can also locate and service tree root infiltration issues. If you live in a home that is over 20 years old, it’s a good idea to schedule a sewer inspection to make sure shrubs or tree roots have not impacted or infiltrated your sewer lines. All of our work is MDE-compliant.

Drain Chief responds to an emergency sewer backup
Drain Chief - MOWPA Certificate septic systems inspections and drain field assessments