One of the main types of trenchless pipe cleaning is called Hydro Jetting. Drain Chief primarily uses this practice for commercial and residential properties. It works best when drains are clogged by tree roots or grease. Hydro Jetting blasts water through pipes at a high pressure.

Before we decide how to clean the blocked pipe, we perform a video pipe inspection. This inspection allows us to assess the blockage and determine whether or not jetting is the right option for you.

Jetting is a great option for many jobs because it is quick and non-disruptive. It also pushes water upstream, so gravity does the work in draining the pipe. Not only does it remove blockages, it also cleans the inside of the pipe to remove buildup. This helps to return the pipes to a nearly new condition.

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Hydro Jetting a clogged pipe in Harford County

The Drain Chief uses Hydro Jetting to clear blockages in pipes.

Hydro Jetting in Harford County, Maryland
Tree Roots removed with high pressure hydro jetting in Baltimore, Maryland

Hydro Jetting removes tree roots to clear a blocked pipe.